Who is SEI?

We are proud to have established a relationship with SEI Private Trust Company to help manage and secure our clients' assets. SEI delivers technology and investment solutions that help our clients power growth, make confident decisions, and protect their futures. Their focus is on accountability, safety, and security.

Since SEI Private Trust Company is a trust institution—not a bank or brokerage firm—your assets are segregated from its own assets and your assets are custodied in your name. This means SEI Private Trust Company creditors have no claim to your assets. SEI Private Trust Company, like other trust companies, may not pledge, lend or margin assets that are held in custody.  SEI Private Trust Company is regularly audited by independent and internal auditors and is subject to routine examination by the OCC. Since January 2001, high-net-worth investors have relied on SEI Private Trust Company, in cooperation with their financial advisors, for confidentiality and safekeeping of their assets. And we pledge to continue to earn that trust by providing security and safety for your assets every day.

Here are some helpful articles and videos from SEI: